On this page we've collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about Answerpoints to help you with any queries that you may have.

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Who we are

Q. What is the Answerpoints panel?

A. Answerpoints is a panel of people just like you. They have agreed to answer questions about their preferences and opinions to help companies and organisations make decisions to improve and launch new products and services. In return for completing surveys, panellists are awarded Answerpoints. These can then be used to exchange for shopping vouchers, entries to monthly prize draws and charity donations. See the Rewards page for more information.

Q. Who is on the panel?

A. There are around 100,000 people on the panel. The panellists are men, women and families from all over the UK, and represent a diverse range of views and opinions.

Q. How does it work?

A. Answerpoints sends an email inviting selected panellists to complete a new survey. The panellist simply clicks on the link, follows the instructions and submits the survey once completed. The panellist will receive Answerpoints for every survey they complete. Once the panellist has built up enough points they then simply need to choose any of the rewards on offer. We'll take care of all the rest. Take a look at our Rewards page for full information about what you can get.

Q. How does Answerpoints make money?

A. Your opinions are important to many large companies. They pay for our services in finding a panel of people whose opinions can be trusted. They help fund our Rewards and ensure our panellists are happy to continue completing surveys.

Q. Who is Aurora Market Research?

A. Answerpoints is a division of independently owned Aurora Market Research. Aurora Market Research offers high quality quantitative market research services to a range of large companies. They specialise in online surveys and data collection and use the most advanced online interviewing and reporting software available. Aurora Market Research is a member of the British Market Research Association, and all Aurora Market Research surveys are conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct. If you'd like to find out more, visit

Q. How do I get in touch with Answerpoints?

A. If you have any questions that are not answered here or you are experiencing any issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have set up a Contact Us page as well as a dedicated email address, We will do our best to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible. Please remember to state your Answerpoints username in any email that you send to us.

Q. What is my Answerpoints username?

A. Your Answerpoints username is the email address you signed up with to the Answerpoints panel. If you were a previous member of the Justtheanswer panel it will be the same as your old Justtheanswer username.

Joining Answerpoints

Q. How do I join?

A. It's quick and easy to join. Click on Register and complete your registration. You'll start collecting Answerpoints straight away. Remember though, you can only register once.

Q. Is it free to join?

A. Yes! In fact, once you've joined, we'll give you a choice of incentives. All we ask is that you are aged over 16 years and a UK resident.

Q. What is my commitment as a panellist?

A. There is no commitment. We'll send you surveys on a regular basis, but you are under no obligation to fill them in. But remember, if you don't complete surveys, you won't be able to take advantage of our Answerpoints rewards scheme. Full details can be seen in our Terms and Conditions

Q. How often will I be expected to complete surveys?

A. The number of surveys you will be sent will vary from month to month. The more surveys you complete, the more Answerpoints you'll collect. Check out our Rewards page to see how to spend Answerpoints.

Q. Can I register more than once with Answerpoints?

A. No. We regard the creation of more than one account as fraudulent and we would have to remove you from the panel. If you think that you may have created multiple accounts by mistake, please Contact Us. Please remember to state your Answerpoints username in each email that you send to us.


Q. How long do surveys take to complete?

A. We don’t want to keep you for longer than necessary so we always try to keep surveys as short and involving as possible. The length will vary from one questionnaire to the next, some will be short taking only a couple of minutes others may be longer. We'll always tell you how long the survey should take to complete before you start, and the number of Answerpoints you will be rewarded with depends upon the length and complexity of the surveys. Typically the longer the survey, the more points you will receive.

Q. Do I need to complete a survey to receive my Answerpoints?

A. Yes. You will only receive Answerpoints from a survey if you complete it in full. We cannot award Answerpoints for any survey you do not finish.

Q. How long will I have to complete each survey?

A. Typically, you will have a a few days to complete each survey. The closing date for the survey will be included in the email notification you receive. Sometimes surveys can be open for a longer or shorter amount of time than expected at first, depending on how long it takes for us to receive enough responses.

Q. How do I view a history of the surveys that I have completed?

A. To view your survey and points history, please login and visit the My Answerpoints page. You will then be able to view the surveys you have completed on Answerpoints.

Q. How can I view the surveys that I completed when I was a member of Justtheanswer?

A. If you would like to see your survey and points history from when you were a member of Justtheanswer, please request a points statement through our Contact Us page. Please remember to state your Answerpoints username in any email that you send to us.

Q. What happens if I cannot complete a survey in one go?

A. Don't worry, you can simply click back into the link you were sent in your email invitation, and provided the survey is still open, you can finish it off at a later date. What's more, your previous answers will be saved so you will not need to re-answer any of the questions.

Q. How do I get invited to take part in research?

A. Answerpoints will select you for surveys that are most relevant to you based on your profile. Don't worry though, there are always plenty of surveys for everyone!

Q. How will I be contacted to take part in research?

A. Most of our research is online. That means we'll send emails inviting you to complete a survey. From time to time we may conduct telephone and postal surveys, however we'll never contact you in this way without checking with you first.

Q. Why do you send surveys that I may not qualify for?

A. Often our clients are looking for specific types of people. If we have this information in the profiling sections we always target only those that will qualify. We work out how many people we think will respond, by taking into account previous response rates, and send out sample accordingly. Sometimes we don't have any information in our profiling sections that allows us to target the correct people, so we have to send to a wider sample of panellists based on what we know about them, but we try to keep this to a minimum, and encourage you to fill in your profile fully to greatly reduce the chance of this happening to you.

Q. Why do I get screened out on information that you already hold, e.g. age, gender or region?

A. Although we have worked out the amount of people to invite based on previous response rates, sometimes more people respond than we are expecting, and a certain group gets filled up quickly. We advise that you check your emails regularly and make sure you answer as soon as you can.

Q. Why do you ask me personal information?

We need to know a bit about you so we can decide which surveys to send you. We don't want to waste your time with surveys that aren't relevant to you or your family.

Q. How is the information used?

A. Leading companies value your opinion. They will listen to your answers and make decisions on new and existing products and services based on market research. The answers you provide will be used for market research and analysis only. For example, companies may simply want to know what you think, or before launching a new product or a new advertising campaign, a company may want to record customers' reactions to it.

Q. Will my answers ever be traced back to me?

A. Absolutely not - unless you specifically indicate consent during the survey, the answers you provide us with will be anonymous and only analysed along with all the other answers. Only collective results will be shared with the company paying for the survey and some interpretations or statistics may be published, but no one individual's response will ever be revealed. For more information please refer to Aurora Market Research's Privacy Policy.

Q. Why can't I find out the results of surveys or what they are about and who they are for?

A. Often the research we carry out is of a sensitive nature; our clients may be researching a possible new product or service, and don't want competitors to know what they are planning. If this information is released into the public domain we will certainly feedback the results to panellists. Often the results of questions that we ask that are not for our clients are fed back in the monthly newsletter.


Q. Will I be rewarded for completing surveys?

A. For every survey you complete, you'll receive Answerpoints. The number of Answerpoints you collect will depend on how long each survey is and how many you complete. Once you've started collecting Answerpoints, you decide how you want to spend them. You can exchange them for Gift Vouchers, use them in exchange for entries into prize draws or exchange them into a donation to Macmillan Cancer Research. Take a look at our for full information.

Q. I have participated in a survey, when will my Answerpoints be credited to my account?

A. Some surveys are credited automatically, so you receive your Answerpoints immediately after you finish the survey. For others, rewards are credited when the entire study has drawn to a close and the data has been processed. This can take up to eight weeks depending on the size and complexity of the study. If you have not received your Answerpoints after 8 weeks please contact us.

Q. How do I redeem my Answerpoints?

A. Simply log in to your Answerpoints account and click on My Answerpoints. Then select the reward you would like to redeem your Answerpoints for. Redemptions for Gift Vouchers are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis. Though we will do our best to deal with you request as quickly as possible, please allow up to 28 days for you request to be processed and your Gift Voucher to be delivered.

Q. How do I collect my reward(s)?

A. Winners of prize draws will be notified by email (see Terms and Conditions). We will email you confirmation of your donation to Macmillan and your Gift Voucher once they have been processed.

Q. What has happened to the Answerpoints that I earnt as a member of Justtheanswer?

A. All of the Answerpoints that you earnt as a member of Justtheanswer have automatically be transferred to your new Answerpoints account.

Q. I think I am missing points, how can I see a breakdown of the Answerpoints that I earnt as a member of Justtheanswer?

A. If you would like to see a breakdown of the points you earnt for as a member of Justtheanswer, please request a points statement by contacting us. Please remember to state your Answerpoints username in any email that you send to us.

Q. How much are my Answerpoints worth?

A. Your Answerpoints have no monetary value, however when you have earnt a sufficient number, you can of course use them for Rewards or prize draw entries on our Answerpoints website.

Technical + Other Issues

Q. How can I contact you about a survey?

A. Simply use our contact us form or email us at Please include the survey reference number (included on each invitation email) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q. I can't remember my password. How do I find out what it is?

A. You can use the Lost Password button on the Answerpoints home page, or click here:

Q. What if I have a technical problem?

A. If you have a technical problem please contact us. Make sure you know the Type and model of your computer/mobile device, Browser (including version number), Operating system (for example, 'Windows 7'. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q. How can I cancel my membership with the Answerpoints panel?

A. You will need to log into the Answerpoints panel and select the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of Contact Us page.Please note; once you resign from the panel, all the personal details we hold on you will be deleted including any answerpoints you have collected, and this action is irreversible. You will be welcome to join the panel again if you wish, but you will start from a zero answerpoints balance.